Hallo Magenta


2019 ■ Hallo Magenta – iOS / aOS App

Hallo Magenta –

iOS / aOS App

Voice assistants have been with us for a really short time, tech companies from different countries have invested a lot of effort to keep improving the technology of voice interfaces, recognition, and artificial intelligence.

Deutsche Telekom © decided also to contribute with its vision of how voice assistants should be.

We helped Telekom build a companion app that controls, manage and setup their new smart speaker.






The European region is one of the most desired markets in the world by the technology companies, That is the reason to Telekom, the presence in this zone is crucial to position its range of products and services, and thanks to the cooperation with different partners and a deep understanding of the needs of European people, the first voice assistant in Europe has been launched, together with Orange ©. In addition, a wide range of services can be accessed via voice, opening the possibility to European companies to extend and allow access to its benefits to more people, such as digital assistance at home, weather forecasting, purchase orders, radio stations, and digital content among others, all this triggered with a simple and easy to learn command, “Hallo Magenta”


Art Director,

UI & UX Designer.

My Role here was to design closely with the Telekom client, developers, creative directors, UX designers, the software that helps the users to set-up, manage, activate and connect their device, this has been an extensive work since it should be thought of as a product to be used for the mass, so I have been working in this project doing extensive layout design suggestions, Illustrations, animations, prototypes, testings, UX flows, research for new technologies, and quality assurance.


Creative Director: Alina Schlaier, Christian Leuenhagen

UX: Charlotte Block, Mohamed Hassan, Joana Francener.

Hallo Magenta – Telekom Smart Speaker

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